Your funding options will vary as a US student considering studying in the UK. But that doesn’t mean you’re left without funding possibilities. In fact, there are a variety of avenues students from the US can explore to help fund a UK education. Below we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions (and answers!) about UK university funding options for international students.

How can I estimate the total cost of studying in the UK, including tuition and living expenses?

The average cost of attending university and receiving a bachelor’s degree for international (non-UK) students in the UK is about £22,000, equivalent to about US$28,000 (US dollars) per year. Comparatively, the average cost of attending a higher education institution in the US is approximately US$36,000 per year.

As an international student coming to the UK without dependants, you can expect to pay around £1,300–£1,400 per month in the capital city, London, which is equivalent to about US$1,700 US dollars, or £900–£1,300 in other cities throughout the UK, equal to approximately US$1,100–US$1,650. These costs include your living accommodations, bills, groceries, and a range of other living expenses during your time as an international student. By comparison, many estimate the cost of living in New York City as a student at roughly US$2,000 per month.

While you might save money as a student from the US studying in the UK even without any assistance, some funding options are available to undergraduate students to make a high-quality UK education and life overseas even more affordable.

Are there scholarships available for US students studying in the UK?

There are some undergraduate scholarships are available for US students studying in the UK.

Use this search function to try finding scholarships and funding; you can filter by level of study, subject, or nationality!

  • Eligibility criteria for UK scholarships:

Many undergraduate scholarships are available directly through the schools. These scholarship types are broken into academic, merit, and excellence scholarships, subject-specific scholarships, performance-based scholarships, equal access or sanctuary scholarships, and disability scholarships.

When researching universities ahead of filling out your application, look closely at which schools offer scholarships to US students and if you’re eligible to apply for them. For example, some universities in Wales offer a variety of scholarships for US students.

Other scholarships available for US students wanting to study in the UK are likely from other entities in the US, such as commercial and charitable organizations. Still, they can be challenging to identify and tend to be highly competitive.

Scholarships and funding


Are there part-time work opportunities for US students in the UK?

Yes! There are part-time work opportunities for US students studying and living in the UK. Your student visa will allow you to work a part-time job or gain a work placement or internship along with your studies. Most courses allow students to work up to 20 hours per week during term time, which is not restricted to on-campus employment.

Are US federal student loans applicable for studying abroad in the UK?

The short answer is yes, US federal student loans are applicable for studying abroad, including in the UK. But the longer answer is you’ll have to do some additional research to better understand which universities in the UK participate in the US’ various loan programs, including the Direct Loan Program and the Federal Student Loan Program.

The US Federal Student Aid site includes a range of resources about aid for international study, including a list of international schools participating in the US Federal Student Loan Program.

Start looking into your US federal student loan options for UK study as early as possible. Like researching scholarships, it’s helpful to look at institutions’ websites to learn more about resources available for international students and which departments or staff members at the university will be processing your financial aid; you can obtain their contact information and try to stay in touch with them for extra support during the process.

How to budget effectively for UK education as a US student?

Once you’re officially a US student studying and living in the UK, it’s smart to try budgeting as effectively as possible! Take a look at our top money-saving tips for students, and heads up: these tips are super simple ways to save some extra cash during your studies, including nailing down student discounts and knowing when train fare is cheapest.

There are a variety of funding options for US students wanting to take their studies to the UK! It requires a bit of research and patience to pinpoint the right opportunities. But nonetheless, they’re available— and we’re here as your resource!

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