Our history of partnerships and collaboration in the United States of America to create positive change in areas such as Arts and Culture, English Language and Education made us proud. 

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The Legacy of the British Council in the United States of America

Five ballerinas bowing on the ground in front of a black background
Incusive Arts Relaxed Performance Training Session

Photo Credit: Include Arts

Research and International Collaboration

Bridging Voices

Bridging Voices aimed to generate new conversations about the role of religion in public affairs, advance the field of religion and international affairs and create pathways of engagement with policymakers, deepen policy insight, build stronger cross-sector engagement, and bring new ideas to the media and the general public. The research was made possible through the support of the Friends of the British Council and the Henry Luce Foundation.

Read the final report of the program here

Artistic Residencies


Generate was a British Council and Arts Council of England partnership enabling a new network of international collaboration between UK and US producers. The programme provided opportunities for US and UK creative producers of theatre and live/performance art to develop a transatlantic network for collaborative work and long-term relationships.


For the 2020 edition of the program, 12 outstanding emerging UK and US-based curators, producers and artistic directors were selected. They were: Emma Beverley, Benjamin Akio Kimitch, Silk Worm, Laura Sweeney, Aaron Shackelford, Kate Craddock, Daniel Kok, Sarah Bishop-Stone, Mary Osborn, Amy Letman, Anna Gallagher-Ross, Roya Amirsoleymani.

Policy Dialogue and Conferences

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances was a program designed to make spaces more comfortable for audience members with autism, sensory sensitivities, learning disabilities, Tourette's syndrome, people who experience anxiety, or people who are not comfortable with the conventions of a traditional setting.

With this program, the British Council and its partners in the USA wanted to support and strengthen the Arts sector to become more proactive and engaging.

'Introduction to Relaxed Performance' Workshop

As part of the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival in January 2019, the British Council in the USA hosted an 'Introduction to Relaxed Performance' workshop. During the workshop, attendees gained a better understanding of inclusivity in the arts, and how to include audience members with differing abilities in their productions. The workshop was highlighted as one of the key events of the Under the Radar Festival.

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