In June 2016, we participated in International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHOT) by organizing a discussion, entitled “Equality of Rights and Opportunities for all, a pending task. Situation of the LGBTI community in Venezuela and the world”. This event took place in Caracas, featuring Congresswoman Tamara Adrián, Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Tamara is the first ever elected transgender congresswoman; she is also an activist of the LGBTI rights, the Representative of IDAHOT in Venezuela and an expert in the issue of sexual diversity.

She presented historical background of the country, and explained the difficult legal and social situation of this community in Venezuela. However, she said that from her political position now, she can speak on behalf of individuals in the LGBT community, and make the necessary changes in the legal field.  

Along with this discussion, we held a contest called: ‘Love Words for inclusion’, and invited students and general public to participate by sending their letters on this topic. Read the winner letter here

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