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Today we are facing a test. This is a time to remember everything that excites, inspires and encourages us, because when we are together it is easier to get ahead. This is how we understand it at the British Council, and that's why we stay connected: we are moved to be with you and support you when you need it most.

When we stand together we achieve great opportunities, projects and initiatives that transform and inspire lives. This proves that each one of us has a unique talent and is capable of inspiring others. We are still here because we know that challenges are best overcome when we are together-- now we must demonstrate it.

We want you to get excited and get to know more about some projects that motivate us and remind us that resilience and optimism have no limits. Discover, enjoy, and share the below stories with your friends and family, because sharing connects us right now. We will all come out of this together!


English motivates us

Connect with the best of English, strengthen your skills and enjoy tons of free content from home.

·              Learn English Adults: Texts, audios and videos that will help you reinforce your knowledge in English.

·              Learn English Kids (5-12 years old): The little ones will enjoy fun activities to learn English.

·              Learn English Teens (13-17 years): Motivate them to take advantage of time and reinforce their English skills.

Find out your level of English

Review your skills in this language with our exam tips and exercises. Go ahead and connect with English!

·         IELTS Free Preparation: Want to know some tips for submitting your IELTS? Enjoy our free content, take advantage of your time and get ready for the exam.

We are inspired by equality

Stories of equity, diversity and equality. They remind us of the importance of integration towards building better places to live.

·              International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia: A conference to promote equality and reduce homophobia in Venezuela.

·              Exhibition of Creations of homosexual artists in the Caribbean: We showcase the creations of the LGBTQ community in the Caribbean to demonstrate their talent.

·              A world free of labelsLearn more about the work we do highlighting equity, diversity and inclusion.

Culture connects us

Connect with the best of culture we have to offer. Learn how through the arts, our communities show the best of their talent.

·              Sound Journeys: An enriching exploration of Canada's contemporary cultural landscape.

·              Ellipsis: Dive into a fascinating read, learning the stories of our Ellipsis 2019 participants.

·              Could design save the world?: The Planet is crying out for change. Learn how the fashion industry is fighting excesses.

Rhythms of life

Music inspires, motivates and allows you to connect with the best of cultures. Enjoy some of those projects that have enabled us to reach new territories.

·         Selector Radio: A selection of the UK's top emerging talents for you to enjoy with your headphones. 

Stories of change

Be inspired by the best of the work developed by communities, work that allows us to build more opportunities for everyone.

·         Backstage to the Future Caribbean: Music builds opportunities. Connect with Caribbean stories and young talent.

·         Active Citizens: The inspiration of these people has allowed them to motivate and achieve incredible transformations in various countries.

Education connects us

We support teachers and educators with free content so that they continue to shape the future of their countries.

·         Teaching English: Resources and activities to support teachers on topics such as online teaching.