Lindsay Morris, student at Nottingham Trent University

Meet Lindsay Morris, a Fashion Knitwear Design major studying at Nottingham Trent University!

Student Spotlight: Lindsay Morris, ‘18

US university: Fashion Institute of Technology

Major: Fashion Knitwear Design

Study abroad program: Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, fall 2017

Why did you choose the UK for your exchange?

I had done shorter study abroad courses in France and Italy and had difficulty learning the language. When I saw England, it was perfect because they speak English. It’s also been on my bucket list of places to visit.

Why did you choose this programme?

The design programs at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are ranked highly across the board. I saw the work previous students had done and it inspired me.

What is/was your favourite class?

My favourite class here is Design, Culture and Context. It isn’t fashion-based so I am excited to be exposed to a new way of thinking. We get to talk about opinions and controversy in an artistic way. In the end we create beautiful professional books. I am exploring the idea of “What is peace?” This word we use so often but what is the goal and what does it mean to different people?

What’s your best memory from your time in the UK?

Meeting people from all around the world as well as England is exciting. I love to learn about their cultures. Making new friends and trying new activities, which NTU has such a large variety of. I’ve tried boxing, trampolining, dancing,  and gymnastics, meeting new people each time.

What was the greatest challenge you encountered during your time in the UK? 

I have never been so far away from my family. Back home, I am only an hour away by train, and here I am a six hour flight away. The time difference makes keeping in touch a bit more difficult but with technology, I’ve been able to stay connected. 

Describe your housing situation:

I am staying at Global Point, and really enjoying it. The location is incredible and my view is the beautiful City Hall. I’ve met great friends here, and had a fresher’s team (a group of current students at NTU who volunteer to take new students out during Freshers’ Week/Welcome Week) come to take us all out. The walk to University is a perfect distance, as well as the walk to go out at night.

What advice would you give to other students who are thinking about studying abroad in the UK?

DO IT. It may seem scary at first and sometimes you’ll feel lonely, but the journey is worth it. You’ll meet new friends and find more about yourself along the way, leading you to becoming the person you aspire to be.

Fact about the UK that you think people would be surprised to learn:

The UK uses 8 different types of coins. It’s way too many and I’m thinking of writing to the Queen or Parliament before I leave. 

What do you think you gained from studying abroad?

The lifestyle here is different from New York City. In general, while travelling through Europe, I find people appreciate life differently, and have a much more leisurely day.

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