Diagonally split image of the US and UK flags.

Nicolas Raymond, www.freestock.ca, licensed under CC BY 2.0 and adapted from the original.

Culture is the driving factor in UK-US ties, according to new British Council research

In partnership with Ipsos MORI, the British Council commissioned research to explore the current state of the 'special relationship' between the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the research, American views of the UK are driven more by cultural factors than political issues, pointing to a crucial role for culture in future relations between the two countries.

The report, which contains new survey data from over 1,000 young British and American people aged 18-34, reveals that culture and history were the two top rated factors contributing to the UK’s attractiveness among American respondents, with 43% identifying ‘cultural and historic attractions’ as a major draw and 42% identifying ‘history’.

The current and past actions of governments were only the 16th most important factor (at 17%) in determining how attractive they found the UK. In the UK, similarly, current and past actions of US governments were also only the 16th most important factor in young people’s views of the US.

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