Premier Skills is our international partnership with the Premier League operating in 26 countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Premier Skills brings together and engages community members to develop life skills, coaching skills and English language skills through the medium of soccer. The program has delivered tremendous grassroots impact in countries across around the world. We are committed to engaging and empowering women and girls at all levels of the program.

Premier Skills is centered on identifying and co-creating country projects with local partners to ensure that local needs are met. 

Our work with young people

  • Creates safer, stronger and more respectful communities through the development of young people’s potential.
  • Engages young people in a range of constructive activities
  • Increases young people’s interest in and connections with the professional game

Our work with community coaches and youth workers

  • Increases coaching and officiating opportunities for participants
  • Creates routes into education, training and employment
  • Encourages volunteering within projects and throughout targeted neighborhoods

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