In 2013, the Henry R. Luce Foundation generously awarded a grant to the British Council to support a 3-year program known as Bridging Voices, a series of policy and academic dialogues on religion and international affairs. The objective of the Bridging Voices program was to provide a transatlantic space for policymakers and academics in the field of religion and international affairs to discuss best practice, research needs, policy solutions, and areas for collaboration. Since the project was launched, we supported 43 universities, think tanks and NGOs to run 50 dialogues and public events across the US, the UK and Europe. 

This e-book highlights the British Council’s role in bringing together new transatlantic partnerships to generate innovative or renewed discussions on various topics concerning religion and international affairs. The program supported transatlantic partners to produce knowledge, build understanding between policy and academic spheres and encourage future collaboration amongst experts in the field.

All views and results depicted in this e-book belong to the various partners of each Bridging Voices grant. We would like to thank each partner for contributing.