Mat Wright

What is Bridging Voices?

Bridging Voices is a project which develops an inclusive transatlantic network for academics and civil society to conduct research, build capacity to advance the field of religion and international affairs and create pathways of engagement with policymakers.  

Participants in the program use policy dialogues to exchange knowledge and develop a more accurate and nuanced understanding of religion and its role in international relations. These dialogues also include engagement with the media and the general public to ensure that these discussions are also heard in the public sphere. 

From 2013 to 2016, the Bridging Voices project was funded by the Henry Luce Foundation to produce 33 transatlantic policy dialogues on religion and international affairs. From 2017 to 2020, the project will continue these transatlantic conversations and add new, exciting components to the program: research on the topic of religion in international affairs conducted by three UK-US consortia, a formal Bridging Voices Network and closed online platform, multiple digital and face-to-face transatlantic academic and policy workshops, media and public outreach activity, and the publication of two external reports per consortium.

At its core, Bridging Voices aims to identify and fill the knowledge gap between religion and public life on both sides of the Atlantic, create lasting connections between stakeholders in the religion and public life space, and provide research-based insights and concrete, practical and targeted recommendations to US policymakers at national, local and municipal levels.

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