Mat Wright

What is Bridging Voices?

Bridging Voices is a project which develops an inclusive transatlantic network for academics and civil society to conduct research, build capacity to advance the field of religion and international affairs and create pathways of engagement with policymakers.  

Participants in the program use policy dialogues to exchange knowledge and develop a more accurate and nuanced understanding of religion and its role in international relations. These dialogues also include engagement with the media and the general public to ensure that these discussions are also heard in the public sphere. Since the start of the program in 2013, the first grant of $450,000 from The Henry Luce Foundation to the Friends of the British Council supported 40 universities, think tanks and NGOs to run 33 dialogues across the US, the UK and Europe. These dialogues engaged academics, policymakers, diplomats, journalists and practitioners to explore a range of religion and foreign policy issues.

Bridging Voices is supported by a $500,000 grant award from the Henry Luce Foundation to the Friends of the British Council. The Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs seeks to deepen understanding of religion as a critical but often neglected dimension of national and international policies and politics.

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