Mat Wright

Bridging Transatlantic Voices was a 300,000 euro project funded by the European Commission's Foreign Policy Instrument. The project was a civil society dialogue program which focused on civil society efforts in countering violent extremism (CVE).

Over three years (2015-2018), the British Council and partners from Georgia State University and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue held six workshops in six cities:

  • London (December 2015)
  • Washington, DC (May 2016)
  • Brussels (December 2016)
  • Atlanta (May 2017)
  • Berlin (November 2017)
  • Los Angeles (May 2018)

These workshops engaged civil society actors and policymakers from across the Atlantic on three themes: countering ideologies and narratives in CVE, the role of Muslim aid organizations in CVE; and how civil society groups engage youth and CVE. The goal of the workshops was to survey the field and examine the biggest challenges being faced by civil society and partnering with government. The workshops provided a snapshot of the field in the core thematic areas.

The project produced a total of three reports containing sector-wide, civil society and policy recommendations for the European Union and major CVE organizations and government entities to utilize in their efforts towards this widely popular issue of countering violent extremism. The first two reports are available to view and download. 

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