International STEM Students Infographic
International STEM students: Focusing on skills for the future  ©

British Council 

Careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects) build communities and transform nations. A good supply of well-qualified STEM professionals will help fuel economic growth, high productivity, innovation and research excellence. International students play a vital role in the provision of higher education STEM courses by adding value with their distinct experiences and viewpoints, contributing to the advancement of research in a host destination, and ensuring the sustainability of selected courses, especially at the postgraduate level.

Given the critical influence of STEM education in shaping the future, it is vital to ensure education policies are linked to market needs in order to support international STEM student recruitment and retention. This important report provides an overview of global trends in STEM fields, including a focus on developments in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. The results of an exclusive international survey also offer insight and an understanding of the factors affecting STEM international students’ choice of course and destination country, and the perceived unique value propositions of the UK, US, Australia and Canada in these fields. A valuable insight for nations and institutions, this report is a resource which can help support the development of strategies to drive STEM recruitment, whilst also encouraging the cultivation and practice of STEM skills.

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