The British Council in the United States and Mexico joined efforts to organise the ‘Policy Incubator,’ a project by which we aimed to empower young people to develop alternative narratives as means to influence public migration policy. The Incubator participants included members of the 2017 Future Leaders Connect program from Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. These individuals met with forty other young leaders from around the world at the Møller Centre at Cambridge to interact with experts on policy design and implementation, and had the opportunity to discuss their policy ideas with The Elders.

The Policy Incubator built on the knowledge and skills these leaders developed last year, and will accompany them on their journey to become agents of social change through concrete Social Action Projects (SAPs). The workshop took place in Mexico City from 7-9 March 2018, and engaged participants in: 

  • Understanding and recognising the role of narratives in public policy, and encouraging the application of such knowledge to engage youth in social change;
  • Providing tools and knowledge on how to develop alternate or counter narratives aimed at young people that strengthen positive, inclusive and constructive ideas about migration;
  • Emphasising the importance and value of evidence-based decision making in public policy on migration for the countries involved;
  • Supporting participants from Mexico, the USA, Canada and the UK to create a Social Action Project (SAP) aimed at challenging existing narratives and diffusing the tools to influence public policy.

Additionally, the project aimed to reach new audiences and empower young people throughout Mexico. In collaboration with local universities, the British Council organized one workshop entitled "The role of narratives in policy making,” with the aim to drive participant interest in public policy processes and contribute to evidence-based decision making. The project appealed to the importance of open and strategic dialogue as a way to understand complex issues such as migration.

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