Three women sitting at a bus stop and smiling while showing their fish and chips to the camera.
US delegate Julianne was joined by Sarah Frankland (Head of Arts, British Council USA) and Nora Campbell (Head of Arts, British Council Scotland) for a delicious meal of fish and chips.

Julianne Brienza, Founder and CEO of Capital Fringe, shares her Momentum experience.

I enjoyed comparing the opportunities and challenges of Fringe festivals with Rachel Sanger (Head of Participant Services at Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society). We chatted about looking for more permanent spaces, how we each define partnerships, working conditions, payment structures, space usage, and much more. It was a real learning experience to hear her current approach and how we each are dealing with very, very complicated issues.

Having opportunities to get outside the city center were great. During our tour of Leith, I was struck by the mural covering the area’s history. It has inspired me to create a mural on the back of our Fringe space that would tell the history of Trinidad. Similarly, going to the Victoria & Albert Museum in Dundee was thought-provoking. One of the best parts of the event was a random conversation with a baker from Dundee. He told me the whole history of the town and the impact of technology on its residents. (He even gave me directions to where the guys who created Grand Theft Auto live if I wanted to see all their fancy cars!) I hope that the full story of the town is told through this museum.

This experience was also about getting to know my fellow delegates. Grabbing late night drinks with Kevin and Irfana allowed me to learn more about each of them, chat about our thoughts on the approaches to arts and culture in D.C., and even share a laugh or two.