The video above is from a post-show discussion featuring David Miliband (CEO, International Rescue Committee), playwrights Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson, and Kirsty Lang (British Council trustee).

The arrival of The Jungle in the USA

In 2018-19, we partnered with St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY and The Curran in San Francisco on the American premieres of The Jungle. We encouraged people from different sectors to debate the play’s themes through panel discussions.

About the show

This is the place where people suffered and dreamed. Meet the hopeful, resilient residents of The Jungle – just across the English Channel from the UK. The Jungle tells stories of loss, fear, community, and hope, of the Calais camp’s creation - and of its eventual destruction. Join the residents over freshly baked naan and sweet milky chai at the Afghan Café, and experience the intense, moving and uplifting encounters between refugees and volunteers from many different countries.

Trust Me, I'm an Immigrant

To continue the conversation after The Jungle ended we commissioned a collection of essays entitled Trust Me, I'm an Immigrant, which encapsulate the issues discussed in The Jungle. Please see below for a PDF version of the essays.

Reviews and feature articles

Learn more about our global work with refugees

Languages for Resilience Research and Exhibit

Based on our work in partnership with international institutions, individuals and communities across the Middle East, Africa, the European Union and the Americas, the Language for Resilience research identifies five ways language builds resilience, whether that’s giving a voice to young people and adults, building social cohesion in host communities or providing individuals with the skills they need to access work, services, education and information. Read the Language for Resilience research report, and view the virtual exhibition.

Syrian Stories

Syrian Stories is a collaboration between the British Council, Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts and the Scottish Documentary Institute to enhance the skills and expertise of emerging Syrian filmmakers located in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey - empowering them to use their creative talents to challenge stereotypes and share the experiences and perspectives of displaced Syrians with the wider world. Learn more about the Syrian Stories program.

Cultural Protection Fund

The Cultural Protection Fund supports projects working in conflict-affected countries across the Middle East and North Africa. These organizations are building skills so that local experts can protect their own cultural assets for future generations; ensuring that sites under threat are documented, conserved and restored; and helping local people to identify and value cultural heritage. Learn more about projects supported by the Cultural Protection Fund.

Aswat Faeela (Active Voices)

Aswat Faeela (Active Voices) is a regional youth development project that is funded by the European Commission, led by the British Council with International Alert and Search for Common Ground as consortium partners. It aims at developing the capacity of youth through practical learning and providing them with opportunities to be heard on national and international levels about pressing topics such as conflict transformation and community resilience. Aswat Faeela supports youth to work within their communities to find solutions to issues that challenge them on a daily basis and provides them with safe spaces to design collaborative solutions. The project encourages youth to build networks to work around common themes so that they are able to relate their community experiences to wider national and international levels. By doing so, Aswat Faeela will encourage wide and diverse representation of young people in influencing decision-making. Learn more about the Aswat Faeela program.

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