A woman is about to kick a man wearing a helmet during a performance art piece at Forest Fringe.
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Camilla Cerea

Forest Fringe began in 2007 as an independent, non-profit space for artists in the midst of the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. Since then, the team has been invited to present Forest Fringe iterations at international festivals in Asia and Europe.

Forest Fringe is renowned for creating a space for experimentation and adventure that supports a varied community of writers, theatre-makers, musicians, dancers and live artists. Despite coming from different backgrounds and artistic contexts, the group shares a radical independent approach to performance-making. In most cases, the project involves artists working individually or in very small companies, often in unusual spaces, with an emphasis on the importance of both how their work is made and how it is experienced by audiences. 

We supported Forest Fringe's work in the United States in 2013 and 2014. 

Forest Fringe Fusebox ©

Photo of Bryony Kimmings, courtesy of Forest Fringe

2014 Abron's Art Center program

October 3 - 5, 2014 at Abron's Arts Center, New York City

Forest Fringe made their highly-anticipated New York City debut by taking over every space at the Abron's Art Center (even the loading dock) for three jam-packed days of stage shows, installations, durational performances, secret encounters, conversations, and audio experiences.

Featuring wall-to-wall live art and provocations by Tim Etchells, Brian Lobel, Deborah Pearson, Made in China, Andy Field, and Ira Brand, this micro-festival presented the boldest and best of contemporary British performance. 

2013 Fusebox Festival Program

In 2013, Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas worked with Forest Fringe to curate a venue as part of Fusebox 2013. This was an exciting opportunity for Fusebox to showcase some of the most innovative, exciting live artists from the UK, to create a dynamic exchange between these artists and the Austin community and to inject a fresh set of curatorial ideas into the programmes at Fusebox.

The artists in Forest Fringe at Fusebox Fest 2013 were Action Hero, Andy Field, Brian Lobel, Bryony Kimmings, Deborah Pearson, Dictaphone Group and Kieran Hurley. 

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