A group photo of the 2019 Generate cohort standing in front of a bright mural on a brick wall.
2019/20 Generate cohort.

The Generate programme in its current form has ended. Please sign-up for our Arts Bulletin to receive updated information on our other arts activity including opportunities for international exchange. If you have any questions, please contact Wynsor Taylor: Wynsor.Taylor@britishcouncil.org.

Generate is a British Council and Arts Council of England partnership enabling a new network of international collaboration between UK and US producers.

The programme provides opportunities for US and UK creative producers of theatre and live/performance art to develop a transatlantic network for collaborative work and long-term relationships.

Why apply?

Up to 15 successful applicants—split between the US and the UK—will have access to a series of unique networking and collaborative opportunities. Successful applicants will:

  • Meet with their network twice over a twelve-month period: during the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival in Portland, Oregon (OR), and at the Transform Festival in Leeds, UK.
  • Be eligible to apply for an additional travel grant to further their UK/US network.
  • Have access to the festivals’ curatorial teams for networking/mentorship.
  • Increase their international engagement by building relationships with other producers, presenters, and curators in the UK and US.
  • Receive economy flights, accommodations, festival fees, and a small stipend to offset additional costs. 

We value equality, diversity, inclusion and access for all people. Priority will be given to individuals who would not otherwise have access to resources to support their international development.

What are the requirements?

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are open to collaborative and mutually beneficial international work.
  • Want to build meaningful peer relationships across the performing arts sector.
  • Respond to challenges with a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Have between three- and eight-years professional work experience.

Read this before you apply

You can save your application as you work through it but once submitted you will NOT be able to make any changes.

To make the application process as smooth as possible we have given you the application questions below. We recommend you write your application answers somewhere separate before adding them to the application form.

To apply for Generate you will need a letter of recommendation from a nominator. Nominators should be persons with more than ten years’ experience in the performing arts field who can speak to your experience and curatorial work. They could be a previous supervisor, an artist with whom you’ve worked, a colleague, mentor etc. You can think of a nominator’s letter much like a letter of recommendation.

Application questions:

Applicant details


  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Street Address
  3. City/State
  4. Postal Code/Zip Code
  5. Country
  6. Email Address
  7. Phone Number

Nominator information

  1. First name 
  2. Last name 
  3. Job title 
  4. Organisation
  5. Email Address
  6. Please upload the letter of recommendation from your nominator

About you

  1. What do you hope to gain from Generate? (400 words max) *
  2. Please describe any international creative experience you have (personal or professional). Please describe how Generate will enhance your experience and knowledge. (400 words max) *
  3. Describe a successful project in which you have been involved. In addition to sharing your creative aesthetic and logistical implementation, please highlight any fundraising or budget management skills developed. (500 words max) *
  4. Please list all relevant experience including location/organisation for whom you worked, duration of activity, and a brief summary of responsibilities.*
  5. Please list any degrees or educational certificates that you hold and the name of the institution/organisation that awarded it.*

How do I apply?

Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding future working in the performing arts in the wake of the coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic, we are postponing the programme for the next Generate cohort to 2021/22. This is to ensure that we can provide participants with as much as the full, intended in-person experience as possible. We anticipate relaunching the application process in early 2021. Please sign-up for our Arts Bulletin  to receive updated information on this programme and all our arts activity. If you have any questions about the Generate programme please contact Wynsor Taylor: Wynsor.Taylor@britishcouncil.org.

Key dates:

  • To be announced in Early 2021

Generate is a joint programme between the British Council and Arts Council England.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the programme please contact Wynsor Taylor: Wynsor.taylor@britishcouncil.org.

Our partners:

The Programme is run by the British Council USA and Arts Council England, with additional support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Arts Council of Wales.

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