Artists Salon at Arizona State University ©

Photo courtesy of Matt Moore

In 2013, the British Council hosted discussions on innovative, socially-engaged practices, with the Arizona State University Art Museum and Arizona State University Gammage Theater. 

The British Council hosted an artist-led salon supper during a time when British and American artists were working together at Arizona State University Gammage Theater and Arizona State University Art Museum.

The event provided a platform for artists from the US and UK to discuss their participatory practices and innovative, socially-engaged art practices with an audience of more than 40 people at a communal outdoor festival. The artists who took part included Matt Moore, Clare Patey, Leslie Hill and Helen Paris of Curious, Aaron Landsman and Mallory Cattlet, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir, Mark Wilson, and Gregory Sale.

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Curious (Leslie Hill and Helen Paris)

UK artists Curious (aka Leslie Hill and Helen Paris) have produced over 40 projects in a range of disciplines including performance, installation, publication and film. Their investigations involve intimate, personal journeys alongside public research and enquiry. This leads them into collaborations and conversations with a diverse range of people - truckstop waitresses, biological scientists, political refugees, occularists, nuclear weapons experts, sex workers, old folks' social groups and lost property workers. 

Clare Patey

UK artist and curator Clare Patey creates social spaces in the public realm that bring people together to share conversation. Her work explores participation, cultivation, food, conversation, celebration and cultural responses around climate change. For the past five years. Clare Patey has managed to shut down a bridge in London for the annual Thames Festival and invite thousands to come together to celebrate local food in a 'Feast on the Bridge', with a goal of connecting local students to artists, gardeners and chefs. 

Aaron Landsman

US artist Aaron Landsman makes performances about urban intimacy and absence, civic life and the structures of government. Some projects are staged in places where people perform their lives, like homes, offices and meeting rooms. ASU Gammage Resident Artist, Aaron, invited Curious to expand upon their conversations about their shared and varied approaches to working with community members in their artistic practices. 

Matthew Moore

US agricultural artist Matthew Moore grew up on a fourth-generation farm that soon will be 'transformed into suburbia'. His documentation of the transformation and exploration of how we connect with our food has featured at Phoenix Art Museum and at the Sundance Film Festival. Matthew's practice allows him to begin to reconcile the urban with the rural, at a time where many historical and cultural practices are in danger of being taken over. 

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