Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at the British Council and it has been since we started in 1934. We are driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity globally and we have ambitious goals that can only be achieved by working with others.

A partnership to us means combined and increased impact, innovation or influence.

Our ability to work at scale with partners places us in a unique position to develop new thinking. We work with our partners to find innovative solutions to challenges, whether at a country or international level, leveraging our global networks, expertise and trust to help them achieve their goals.

Access our global network

Our work spans education, English, society and the arts and we are able to connect you to global networks of expertise in each of these areas.

We collaborate with a broad spectrum of partners in over 110 countries and we can help you reach new audiences through our network. Our activities and exposure enable our partners to engage with shared target audiences and bring their activities up to an international level.

Enhance your brand

The British Council’s brand is trusted all over the world and represents the best the UK has to offer. For more than 80 years we have been helping people and organisations globally.

Whether you are looking to become an official partner, co-brand or sponsor, we can add value to your brand. Through channels including events, online campaigns and social media, we can also promote your brand nationwide and internationally.

Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility aims

When partnering with us you will benefit from tapping into our expertise in running socially-minded programmes to help you achieve your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility.

From developing and promoting a programme to building relationships and gaining employee buy-in, we act as a full partner to ensure your efforts are effective.

Gain access to our network of expertise

We connect people worldwide with opportunities and build mutually beneficial relationships between the UK and other countries.

This enables us to build strong relationships with government leaders, policy makers, senior advisors and the wider public. We provide partners with access to our network of world-leading expertise in the areas of arts, English, education and society to help you achieve your goals.

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