Tejedoras Aymara

The work with the Aymara women's community took place in the context of the seminar "Sustainable Andes: Eco Fashion in Chile" organized by the designer Gabriela Farias Zurita, who dealt with contemporary fashion issues such as ecological and social. With the intention of finding ways to follow, the Andean culture and its textile technologies of pre-Columbian roots - which have sustained knowledge and modes of communication for centuries - were taken as a guide and paradigmatic example.

One of the sessions of the seminar was held in Colchane (a village located in the Andean altiplano, bordering Bolivia) where the customs of the Aymara ancestors were "celebrated" to learn the sense of community and how to relate in harmony with people, nature, and objects. In that place, the participants presented ideas, told stories that could provide a basis for future programmes related to and from the region (Latin America). From there, an attempt was made to initiate a conversation that facilitates reflection, the emergence of ideas about sustainability, agents of knowledge, textile heritage, clothing and ecology. The meeting in Colchane was attended by more than 55 Aymara craftswomen and artisans, experts in the Andean textile trade and Kate Fletcher (from the UK), who is dedicated to the themes of sustainability and its relationship with Fashion.

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