The issue

Young people are the future of a community, but can also be the most vulnerable individuals in society. All young people face stress and anxiety in their lives. Native youth can be particularly challenged due to lack of access and opportunity education and employment. Active Citizens wanted to organize a training specifically for the youth in their community, to explore themes of bullying and anger, both within the classroom and in the workplace. 

The social action 

In November 2015, local Active Citizens identified and connected strongly with one aspect of the Active Citizen's learning journey - the practice of Forum Theatre. 

Forum Theatre is a type of theatre game in which participants learn to explore different topics in scenes. The subjects and story lines originate from real experiences of the community members, developed during a series of workshops and rehearsals.  The final performance serves as rehearsal for real life, where participants can showcase and develop tactics they’ve developed to fight the challenges and oppression they face.

Participants across generations gathered together for two days to explore issues through games and performance, and developed a final performance piece which included two stories. The first story addressed a lack of access to emergency medical services. The second story addressed challenging family dynamics and cultural norms. During the training, participants discussed identity, their communities and the role they can play in making a difference by learning problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

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