VisitBritain / Pawel Libera

Saturday 18 June 2016
09:00 to 19:30
New York City

Calling all new students and UK alumni in the New York City area!

New students - join us at a pre-departure briefing to learn about travel basics and safety, visa processing, living abroad and student life. The event will feature several sessions to help you feel prepared for study in the UK.

At the pre-departure briefing, you will:

  • Meet other students studying at your university and other UK universities
  • Connect with UK alumni and hear about their university experiences
  • Hear from UK Visa and Immigration representatives on what you need for your UK visa
  • Prepare for your initial arrival in the UK
  • Learn more about the academic culture and student life at UK universities

UK alumni – save the date!  At the end of the pre-departure briefing, there will be a reception for students, parents and alumni. Come and share your experiences with the next generation of UK alumni.

Registration is free. Please RSVP in the link above.