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Friday 17 October 2014 02:10 pm
Columbia University, New York; New York Public Library, New York

In partnership with the New York Public Library’s LIVE program and the IRCPL at Columbia University, British Council USA will support a one-day, two-part program on the role of personal and political narratives in social movements.

Part I

Where: Columbia University's Morningside Campus

When: October 17, 2014

Time: 2:10 pm - 4 pm

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In the first part of the program, the IRCPL at Columbia University will host a panel event featuring academics and experts who will discuss the topic of personal and political narratives and how different actors create or use these narratives. Additionally, experts will examine the role of activists, artists, politicians, journalists, historians, writers, and satirists and how their personal or political narratives can inspire or support social movements.

Part II

Where: New York Public Library, 503 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017

When: October 17, 2014

Time: 8 pm - 10 pm

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In the second part of the program, the New York Public Library’s LIVE program will host writer, novelist and satirist Marjane Satrapi. Satrapi is famous for her novel, Persepolis, a story about her youth in Iran in the 1970s and 1980s. Persepolis is both personal and political, and NYPL’s Paul Holdengraber will interview Satrapi to discuss this work and the challenges and importance of personal narratives. Satrapi’s work and commentary will serve as an example of a personal narrative and how it shapes views on a larger political event and social movement, the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 

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