Course information


    US $295 per level

    Payment online using Mastercard and Visa (Credit or debit card)


    Live online classes (2 classes a week) and self-access

    The self-access platform can be accessed for a 6 month period from purchase 


    A2.2 (Pre-intermediate 2)

    B1 (Intermediate)

    B2 (Upper-intermediate)


    Each level is made up of 40 self-study lessons (45-60 hours of study) and 25 hours of live classes. It can be completed in 16 weeks.

    An end-of-course certificate is available to those who attend 90% of the course

LearnEnglish Select Premium is an online course taught over four months with 85 hours of content including 25 hours of remotely taught classes. It will enhance your English language skills and drive your professional development 

More than half of employers believe that knowing English is important for career development. LearnEnglish Select Premium is a British Council course that integrates self-learning with classes taught remotely by qualified teachers. You will be provided with the knowledge you require when and where you need it. 

With LearnEnglish Select Premium:

  • Plan your course. You choose the order in which you take each course module; this way you will learn what you most need first.
  • Get a new job. Learn how to apply for a job and prepare to succeed at the interview.
  • Get a promotion. Communicate appropriately at work by being visible in meetings and presentations, as well as being able to write emails effectively.
  • Speak with confidence. Learn how to speak confidently in public, present products and services, and interact with clients and consumers. 


  1. Our content is focused on your job needs as well as your previous understanding of the language.
  2. We identify the right level for you by using our placement test. In each class there is a limit of 8 students meaning you receive more individual attention.
  3. Our qualified teachers and proven methodology will maximize the effectiveness of your learning.
  4. For each class, you can choose the schedule that best suit you. You can also connect from anywhere, whether it be at home, at work or even in a coffee house.
  5. By studying only 25 minutes a day you can pass to the next module. There are 8 modules per level. Each level consists of practical topics including describing products and services, giving presentations, succeeding at interviews and interacting in social environments.
  6. You will receive certificates at the end of each module and level that can be included on your resume.

Grow professionally and boost your career prospects with LearnEnglish Select Premium, delivered by the world’s experts in English.