Community Members of the Te-Moak Tribe
Western Shoshone Active Citizens, April 2015

Active Citizens for the Western Shoshone was launched in partnership with Barrick Gold in Elko, Nevada, August 2014. 

In collaboration with Barrick Gold, the British Council has brought the Active Citizens program to the Americas region. 

The Active Citizens program hosts week long intensive trainings, led by master facilitators from the UK, who have worked with communities all over the globe. The program builds leadership capacity and project management skills, which support grassroots community development. The Active Citizens graduates then go on to start community development projects in their own communities, and cascade their learning to other tribal and community members. Ongoing professional trainings and workshops are regularly held to continue to foster a culture of learning and development in the community. 

Participants become part of an international network of Active Citizens who are learners, actors and influencers in their community, promoting international and intercultural trust and understanding. The Active Citizens program provides opportunities for participants to consider and practice their learning both locally and globally.

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