Three young Black people walking down a street and talking to each other.

Mat Wright

Violent extremism is a pressing issue facing societies around the world. The British Council launched an All Party Parliamentary Group inquiry to study the most successful upstream interventions to preventing violent extremism amongst youth in the MENA region. 

“Military action and the work of the security services has been vital in combating extremism, but, with ISIS militarily defeated, the time has come to consider the UK’s long-term approach to ensure such ideologies cannot take root again. We need to learn lessons from how extremist groups such as ISIS gained such traction in a short amount of time.” - David Warburton, Member of Parliament for Somerton and Frome, APPG Inquiry Chairman

British Council launched the inquiry's report, "Building Young People's Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Middle East and North Africa" in partnership with the Center for Strategic Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C. on 15 November 2017. Shannon Green, Director of CSIS's Human Rights Initiative led a dialogue on how organizations are building robust youth resilience programmes with panelists Sir Ciaran Devane, British Council CEO, Lord Purvis of Tweed, and Shamil Idriss, President and CEO of Search for Common Ground.

The panel set the stage for a further conversation about the contribution of cultural relations to the most critical policy issues in the UK, especially the pressing security issue of violent extremism. Lord Purvis of Tweed shared groundbreaking findings of the report to key policy and decision makers in the United States capital, Washington D.C., emphasizing a shared approach between the US and UK.


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