Black graffiti on a white wall of a soldier shooting hearts out of their gun.

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Bridging Transatlantic Voices is a civil society dialogue programme focused on confronting violent extremism. The British Council, with partners Georgia State University and Institute for Strategic Dialogue, with funding from the EU Commission's Foreign Policy Instrument, examine the biggest challenges of civil society partnering with government for countering violent extremism.

In February 2018, the British Council launched the second of three reports, titled "Engaging the Muslim Charity Sector: Challenges and Opportunities in Today's Middle East." The report provides a summary of the major issues emerging from a year of dialogue-based focus groups and stakeholder research aimed at better understanding the barriers to, and opportunities for, greater cooperation with the global Muslim aid and development sector.

The project will produce three reports containing sector-wide, civil society and policy recommendations for the European Union, major non-governmental organizations and government entities to utilize in their efforts towards countering violent extremism.