Meet our diverse and dynamic USA team! Click on the links below to find out more about each of our staff members. 

Meet the USA team

Ava Baksh, Project Coordinator

Cecilia Barajas, Americas - Information Governance & Risk Advisor

Alex Brookes, Head of Partnerships

Alison Corbett, Head of Education Programs

Kathy Culpin, Head of External Relations and Major Events

Alex Dimsdale, Digital Content Editor, Corporate Communications (on maternity leave)

Brenna Fawson, Project Coordinator, Bridging Voices

Gerald FitzGerald, Project Manager, Bridging Voices

Justine Gamez, Head of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Leigh Gibson, Country Director

Jenna Hartsell, Education Manager

Zoya Ionova, Decision Support Manager

Brandon Lankester, Project Assistant

Daniela Leibovici, Education Program Coordinator

Lusine Merdinyan, Senior Accountant, USA and Canada

Megan Oliver, Digital Communications Coordinator

Anya Shahnazari, Society Project Coordinator

Melissa Wear, Head of Society